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MSBTE Guidelines and important circulars

MSBTE maharashtra state board of technical education

Guidelines for finalizing Curriculum of 'G' Scheme (4th Semester to 6th Semester)

 • Incorporation of Practical skills - Measurements, handling of tools & equipments, understanding preliminary design, understanding specification of machines, selecting appropriate meters & tools for given task etc.
 • Little Mathematical Treatment & analytical treatment.
 • Practical to theory ratio nearly 60:40 for teaching hrs.
 • Introduction of only basic softwares as per need of course. 
• Minimum simulation packages. 
• Minimum oral examination and maximum (6-8) external practical examinations.
 • Incorporation oftopics related to Safety, Pollution Control, Statutory requirements as per law, factory act etc. 
• Industry Based Projects. 
• Incorporation ofIndustry training - 4 weeks to 16 weeks. 
Possibility of 5/6th semester for inplant training and industry project. 

MSBTE Guidelines 

Copy submitted to: - 1. Hon Director of MSBTE, Mumbai-51 with request to attend meeting.
Copy to:

1. Dy. Secretary RBTE, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad, officer in-charge Mumbai Region
2. Account officer MSBTE, Mumbai for information & necessary action.
3. Concern member through Principal
4. Web portal

Subject Expert shall modify curriculum as per discussions & suggestions given in the
meeting. They shall submit corrected copy to CDC
All above members are entitled for Task work & TA/DA as per MSBTE's norms, which
will be debited to MSBTE's plan expenditure of 2013-14, detailed Head E-28
Development/Revision of curriculum and sub head E-28004 and E-28002 

Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education has organized meeting to finalize the
curriculum of 4th semester to 6th semester for Chemical Engineering Group ('G' scheme). This
meeting will be held on 25th July at 11.00 am at MSBTE, Mumbai under chairmanship of
Hon. Director MSBTE Dr. P. M. Khodke. Following special invitee & subject experts are invited
for meeting.
Guidelines for modifications in the curriculum are attached herewith. All members shall
refer these guidelines for modifications.

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MSBTE Guidelines and important circulars
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